‘Let Love In’…

This will be a ‘what’s in my purse/wallet?‘ and also a review on the Alannah Hill ~ ‘Let Love In’ Purse.

Alannah Hill ‘Let Love In’ purse

The item: Leather clip purse/wallet in creme

Brand: Alannah Hill

Description: The purse is in the Alannah Hill ‘Let Love In’ collection. It is a creme (almost white) leather wallet with polyester polka-dot lining (white with purple polka-dots) on the centre section and purple slightly rouched lining on the interior of the pockets.

The front boasts three leather flowers with alternating white and purple petals with a crystal diamente in the centre of each flower. The silver-toned metal hardware for the clasps is sturdy and well-made, with little hearts that interlock as the clasps. The back of the purse has a silver-toned zipper with a heart AH charm.

Centre compartment with magnetic closure

 My favourite part is the magnetic closure for the centre of the purse (above). This is what made me fall in love with it. It holds six card-sized items. I use this centre section for my most used cards as this section is very easy to get to. Just my drivers license, credit and debit cards and grocery store cards.

This reminded me of the Hobo International Lauren wallet that has a similar function. I loved how that wallet looked and was looking for a more affordable alternative.


Front coin section

I use the front clip pocket to store coins and notes. Generally just cash and sometimes a few loose receipts. Love the purple lining!

Back coin/card section

In the back section, as it is a little taller and has slightly more room capacity, I put all my store cards, drink cards, vouchers, etc. There is a small back pocket with the Alannah Hill metal logo attached, and in there, I store my most used store cards such as Priceline, Boost (yum!), RACV, health/medicare cards and a polaroid shot of my hubby!

Back of purse with heart AH charm

Back zipper pocket

The back zipper pocket of the purse is also fully lined with the same purple material. I keep my MYKI (travel) pass in there for quick access when I’m travelling.

Side view of purse

Overall, I’m very happy with the quality of the purse. The leather is soft and will only wear better with time. The clasps are sturdy and well constructed. The only thing i’m concerned about with this purse is the colour creme becoming dirty. I guess that will depend on how I treat it. But the creme colour was the only one that attracted me. The purple colour was quite nasty and I didn’t get to see the black one at all.

Black Let Love In Purse

Purple Let Love In Purse

As you can see. The creme one was my favourite by far.

You can purchase them directly from Alannah Hill or David Jones (where I got mine on sale).

All in all it is going strong as my wallet so far. I love the detail that has been put into the design. The flower embellishments are growing on me. They do take a little while to get used to. Love it!!! It will always have a special place in my heart. 🙂

BB to the C…

I’m sure most people up-to-date in the makeup and skincare world have heard the phrase ‘BB cream” uttered continiously over the past few years… But what is it?!

BB Cream beginnings:

BB cream (blemish balm/beauty balm) was originally formulated in Germany by a dermatologist – Dr. Christine Schrammek in the 1960s. It was used for patients post-laser-surgery. The aim of the BB cream was to help protect, soothe and refine skin post-surgery.

Blemish Balm

Dr. Christine Schrammek’s original BB cream (popular in the U.S.)

In the 1980s, BB cream was introduced into the Korean cosmetics industry. Korean cosmetic companies jumped onto the band-wagon and marketed the cream via well-known celebrity endorsements. With the craze for perfect ‘white-porcelain’ skin in Asia, it became a huge hit instantly.

Most BB creams will have multiple functions, here are some:

  • Sun protection
  • Pollution protection
  • Nourishing skin
  • Moisturising skin
  • Restoring skin
  • Covering-up imperfections
  • Reducing redness and hyperpigmentation
  • Skin ageing prevention
  • Fresh and radiant skin appearance

My thoughts

Personally, I like to think of BB creams as a better version of a tinted moisturiser. I used to use this Ponds tinted moisturiser (is that still available?) when I was in my teens. BB cream is a one up on the tinted moisturiser because it actually reduces the redness on my face and evens out my complexion (without being too heavy). That’s why I love it! Some of them also reduce the size of large pores and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. But I have found that it really depends on the BB cream.


The downside to BB cream is that it has less coverage than a foundation. So if you’re asking for full coverage in a BB cream, you may not get it! Stick to your foundations for that. BB cream also makes my face (which is oily combination) sometimes oilier. In the dot points above the last one mentions ‘fresh and radiant’ skin. This can look like a ‘glowier’ or ‘dewier’ complexion – which oily combo skin peeps like me can do without! The other thing is that it can also make you look washed out (grey-ish), depending on the BB cream. I find the Korean brands do this more often. Maybe something to do with their whitening effect? I’m not sure.

How to use BB cream (what I do)

I tend to use it on my lazier days. Days where I do want to reduce redness, but can’t be bothered with the whole foundation routine. It is simple and easy to use. Here is what I do:

  1. Put a pea-sized dot onto my fingertips and dot onto face
  2. Smooth out quickly and evenly over the face – concentrating on the redness and starting from the centre and working outwards.
  3. Swirl translucent powder over the top to set (and stop being all shiny shiny)

How do I find the best one for my skin type?

Honestly, it is an ongoing process. I have tried a few types so far. Both from Korea and America. You really can’t tell how good (or bad) it is until you actually try it. Sometimes, websites will have charts that will help you find out which type would suit you (like pictured below). But I guess trial and error is usually the only way. Not everyone’s skin type is the same.

Anyway, have fun trying BB creams! If you have any recommendations, i’d love to hear them! Let me know which have worked best for you!


Dr. Christine Schrammek’s website:


Skin 79 (Korean brand) North American website:


Garnier’s BB cream Australian website:


Red Cup Cafe

  • Restaurant Name: Red Cup Cafe
  • Location: 1124 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill, Victoria, Australia
  • Opening Hours: Open 7 days. Mon – Fri 6.30am – 4.30pm. Sat – Sun 7am – 4.30pm
  • Costs: $15-25 per meal

Red Cup Cafe is a bit of a hidden treasure. I would never have noticed it whilst driving on Whitehorse Road. It is a cozy little cafe that aims to provide good food and good coffee. With an excellent selection of organic home-style food, freshly squeezed juices and well-made coffees.

Drinks: Apple, celery and carrot juice, mixed berry smoothie

Outdoor and indoor dining is available. Ambient music playing in the background. Menus are delivered on wooden clipboards.

Overall, a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. Great for the cafe atmosphere and people watching. The muffins are absolutely massive and taste healthier than your average ‘Muffin Break’ style.

Soup: Bean and pumpkin soup with yoghurt and coriander, toasted cheese turkish bread

Salad: Rare duck salad with orange and avocado

Fritters: Corn and zuchinni with dressing and side salad

Coffees: Cappucino and chai latte

angelxling rating : 4/5