Love already won


What an interesting this turn of events over the weekend has been. On the 26th June 2015, there was a 5 – 4 decision, the Supreme Court of the US ruled that states cannot ban same-sex marriage. Following this, our social media was bombarded with #lovewins and rainbow-minus-one-colour Facebook display picture changes. And this has opened up some sort of debate, and to be honest, an attack on Christians that no one truly expected. Why am I writing about this? Well, I was one of those that truly got caught in the firing line for not supporting “same-sex marriage”.

News Update: All Christians who believe the Bible as truth believe that homosexuality is a sin. Not just me and my husband. All sin has consequences, death. And Christians are NOT exempt.

It truly saddened me this weekend to see what society has become – not the supporting or lack of, for the ‘same-sex marriage’ issue, but the fact that those fighting for what they call ‘love’ and ‘equality’ can be so vindictive and unreasonable. All good to hate all those who oppose you, but expect to be showered with love and equality when you are fighting for your cause. What total double standards and such an immature take on life. Don’t you see that this only makes your community seem defensive and petty?

Anyway, how did this all start for me (or us – hubby and I, we share a Facebook account)? I was reading about this political change in the US and was reading some of my other friend’s feeds on Facebook as many were posting articles. A ridiculous spamming of articles from some pro-gay-marriage supporters (and I mean our entire feed was taken up by the same person posting shared articles at one point) caused me to be curious to see if any Christians had put their two cents in. And I was encouraged by an article my previous pastor’s wife had posted, a John Piper article called ‘So-Called Same-Sex Marriage: Lamenting the new calamity’. It talked about the sadness we feel as Christians to the legalisation of sin. Our hearts break, but we grieve with God. That we are sad because this is only going to be harder and sadder for all of us (Christians and the gay community). So, first time ever sharing an article of any sort really, I shared it to my Facebook feed.

And that is where it begins. Two friends, whom i’d say, since highschool days have not said more than 50 words to me in total, felt the need to put their points of view on my shared article, on my feed. Being pro – LGBTQI (everytime i look at this abbrieviation, it gets longer), both tried to put their views of love, equality and non-discrimination in a PC way, for all to read in their comments under the article. But in actual fact, they were just clearly wanting to start something with the Christians and all those who do not share their view. What a sad reality that this ‘so-called’ loving community has people who are just angry, rude, bitter, unreasonable and (dare I say it) Christian-haters. And they’re all about love? What a farce. Sad, because I have friends in this community who are the exact opposite. Who really do love, struggle with life, and treat all others as brothers and sisters. And yes, they are my real friends, who know me, know my views on my faith, know my beliefs on this issue and truly see that a real friend would never hurt another intentionally. And of course, on-top of this, a debate from many began.

Anyway, hubby and I were a bit troubled by this whole debacle and were really praying how to glorify God in this.

And then came today’s devotion – from ODB. WOW.

The passage: (Genesis 19 : 12 – 25) Lot flees Sodom and Gomorrah, just before the city is destroyed by God. I thought it was a bit much for the current haps, bit too intense, but coincidence? I think not. v.13 ‘The outcry to the Lord against its people is so great that he sent us to destroy it.’ It’s interesting to note that the article I read ended with ‘love for the name of God and compassion for the city of destruction.’ John Piper also quotes Psalm 119:136 in ending, ‘My eyes shed streams of tears, because people do not keep your law.’ That God would have to send his angels to destroy people He so loved and created. How heart-breaking, and probably what hit home with me today, to see people destroyed. And I think, knowing the reality of it going to be such a harder journey to get out of this.

In v.16 when there was hesitation or resistance to God, God sent the two angels to lead Lot and his family to safety because of God’s mercy. God is merciful.

In ODB, I was encouraged by this: ‘When we encounter people lashing out in spiritual desperation and fear, may we have God’s wisdom to show His love to them – and to every person who is reluctant to be rescued by Him. God’s mercy can overcome our resistance.’

So timely, as always. I’ve been saddened by the reactions that us sharing this article had on these people. It has really shown me that some of the LGBTQI community are unreasonable, talk about love and don’t show it, angry, bitter and basically, Christian-haters. I said it. I hope my small encounter with these two are not representative of the whole. And it is sad and frustrating that they may not have understood that all we wanted was to try and understand each other. Not that we ever will, we may never fully understand each other, but that is OK. Christians are also not out of the firing line. We have, as history (and recent) events have shown, not handled persecution or adversity well. But I don’t believe that hubby and I have ever been defensive, stubborn or unreasonable with our faith. We are firm in what we believe, but understand this is not to be forced on others. But hey, whilst doing devo I discovered, it is honestly not the Christians that people hate, but Christ himself. The realisation of this during my devo time really encouraged me.

This verse came to mind… (Galatians 2:20) ‘I am crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me.’ And I truly believe that what people without Christ find offensive, is Christ. WOW. It also encourages me that I am showing enough of Christ that He is tangible. They can see Him and feel the need to oppose and attack. Or at least feel uncomfortable.

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.’ (John 16 : 33)

I am so encouraged! So, instead of feeling upset and frustrated about the situation, and not sure how to respond, I was so full of comfort and peace! And it could only have come from God.

What a wonderful outcome to something that seemed sure to fall on its face. I do pray for the friends however, and anyone else in our circles who feels so bitter and anger from whatever life experiences they have endured to become this way (Christian and gay community alike). But something that I learnt from this is, I don’t know what they have gone through, and they do not know what I have gone through. Let’s not assume, but allow there to be open conversation. All this misunderstanding is coming from assumptions. You have no idea about someone else’s life, so why discriminate? What someone posts on their public social media, is up to them. I don’t get all up in their faces when they post what they perceive to be great news, but I don’t necessarily agree. And I don’t expect them to do the same to me. What they have done and continue to do is disrespectful and gives such a bad impression of the ‘rainbow’ community. So sad (and it looks like the Christian community is not much different – we don’t need you guys to argue the point for us. It is futile and we’d much rather our friends come and seek us out for discussion, as friends).

It’s quite ridiculous that things like this can get so blown out of proportion. But as a Christian, we can only expect more of this to occur, not less. I don’t feel like I need to hide my faith, or my beliefs. And to be honest, with the world the way it is, I’m glad that we get to look forward to God’s new kingdom. Where this #firstworldproblem is a tiny speck (if even) in eternity. So ridiculous. *sigh*

#lovewins? The reality is, #lovealreadywon a long time ago. And whatever your opinion, that is OK, we are all entitled to opinions.

John Piper’s article – So-Called Same-Sex Marriage