Enchanted Forest ~ An Inky Quest & Colouring Book (Johanna Basford)


Here’s my book review of Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest.


I cannot say enough good things about this book! It is amazing and I’m so glad to be able to review it for those that have yet to see it.


Those of you that follow my instagram account would have seen a few of my posts of the pages I’ve been colouring in this book. I first stumbled across this in Thailand. My hubby bought it for me as he could see how excited I was at the amazing intricate artwork inside of this book (and on the covers!). Possibly, he was seeing the similarities for the love of nature in the creative pen strokes. I fell in love with it and funnily enough, it has been such a soothing and relaxing addition to my handful of tools to combat anxiety and stress. This book is aimed at adults. It is part of the new ‘trend’ of adult colouring books worldwide. Johanna’s amazingly detailed work are wonderful to behold. It has definitely inspired me as an artist.


The book comes printed on thick, cardboard stock and good quality paper, suitable for colouring. There is gold foil detail on the front cover, but other than that, it is basically, ‘black and white’. The book is mainly for colouring, but there is an element of searching for items as you progress through the book. I personally enjoy the colouring, and not so much the other ‘activities’. Have yet to get my hands on Secret Garden (which was Johanna’s first book) and have nothing of hers to compare it to.


The coloured images are those that I’ve already worked on. I didn’t work through the book page by page, but whatever I felt like colouring, got coloured. I used Stabilo Point 88 0.4 fine markers, Faber-Castell Connector Pens and MasterArt Master Series Coloured Pencils in this book. The Stabilo’s can seep through to other pages if you have a heavy hand. The Connector Pens and pencils worked great on the paper. I would not suggest using Sharpie’s or alcohol-based markers (like Copic’s) to colour in this book as the pages are double-sided printed and will definitely leave a mark on the reverse side.



I thoroughly enjoyed colouring this book, and in fact, just looking at the pages of intricate artwork was very satisfying. Johanna has amazing talent and I look forward to exploring her first book – Secret Garden, and her new book that she is working on (snuck a peek on Instagram), Lost Ocean.

At $20 or less (in Australia), this is a great gift or item for you to admire artwork and add some relaxing creativity of your own.





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