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It’s been awhile since I last blogged. But I’m back and hopefully with full steam ahead. I’m enjoying being back in Melbourne. July has begun! Crazy how time flies.

Anyway, let’s get onto my faves this month.

  1. Go Natural Berry Frugo’s:1Wanted a healthier snack than chocolate. And having this gluten free one available has been super yummy. Probably not super healthy, but at least it is preservative free, no added colours or artificial flavours. And made with real fruit! Honestly, they just taste good! Also available in Apricot. This 150g bag was $3 on sale at Woolies! Get on it!!!
  2. Thankyou Botonical Lime and Coriander Hand Wash:2

Needed a new handwash that would last awhile. Love foaming handwashes, but let’s be honest, they don’t last a long time, and before you know it, you need a new one. Hubby and I have been loving this cleansing and fragrant handwash that’s sale proceeds go towards projects in developing nations. Paraben free and smells amazing. Love it! Not the most inexpensive, but we see it as going to a good cause, and not just a company’s pocket.

3. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Roll-On:


Ok, so I’ve been gone for the country for around 2+ years and I’ve never seen this line from Neutrogena ever. It seems to be new. Well, I came back from overseas with some serious eye millia and it really does suck. Need to get rid of them, but been too lazy so far. Anyway, I am in serious need of an oil-free eye cream that soothes my problem eye area. Looked everywhere for one of those Garnier Caffiene rollers and found out they don’t sell them ANYWHERE anymore….. Sadness. Someone explain why they were discontinued. Every other eye cream has a decent amount of oil and that really does not do well for oily eyelids. Anyway, this eye roll-on is very soothing (as the metal ball is cold, especially since it is winter) and the tube squeezes product just right to give you a nice film of eye cream as you roll it. Loving it so far!

4. Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain – LA Exclusive:



Enjoying this beautiful lip stain/gloss that I got in Thailand. It was much cheaper and I think on sale at the time. In Australia, it’s not cheap, and I’d suggest waiting for a serious Revlon sale. Anyway, this Stain provides moisture and colour to your lips and does, ‘stain’ your lips a little once the gloss has worn off. I’m loving this colour for my skintone this month – 010 LA Exclusive

5. Tetley 100% Steamed Green Tea Pyramid Infusers:



These Pyramid shaped tea bags are really good at releasing flavour as your tea infuses in hot water. The tea seems to taste a little ‘greener’ or more ‘vege’ like because it is steamed and not roasted. More ‘fresh’?! Anyway, getting onto green teas this winter! So warming and healthy too. Yeah! And actually, I enjoy the whole range, Decaf too. The Pomegranate one and the Ginger one is pretty good too. Get them on sale too!

6. Banice Bazaar GOLDMINE 24k gold leaf polymer clay stud earrings:



One of my friends opened an Etsy store whilst I was gone and I love the products she produces and of course, the excellent cause behind it. I bought these triangular shaped clay earrings, with a little gold leaf for bling on her Etsy store. Aside from going with almost every outfit I’ve been wearing this winter (really into blue/purplish hues), a percentage of proceeds goes towards World Vision. Love what she is doing with her creativity! Go support her shop at:

That’s pretty much it for this month’s faves, will be trying to update this blog often. Here’s hoping!



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