Bag Review – Charles and Keith (What’s in angelxling’s bag…)

Here’s my review on the Charles and Keith bag I received as a gift recently. I love the design and uniqueness of the shape.

Charles and Keith Bag in Taupe
Charles and Keith Bag in Taupe

Below are some quick details on the bag, my review of it and website details. Also, there is a quick What’s in my bag? section below.

What's in my bag? to follow
What’s in my bag? to follow

Model Number: ART #CK2-50660194

Style: Trendy

Colour: Taupe

Description: Handbag with detachable strap

Website: Charles and Keith

This bag was such a unique shape so it really caught my attention. If you know me, you know that I love really unique designs and special features on a bag. This bag was adorably boxy shaped, but also soft to the touch.

It is a medium-sized bag with two top handles and a detachable shoulder strap. It can be hand carried or worn cross-body. Cross-body is a great hands-free option, although the boxy nature of the bag can make it a little awkward to sit against your hips.

Cute boxy shape, large compartment inside
Cute boxy shape, large compartment inside

It has one large main compartment once the zip is opened. It also has decent sized back zipper pocket and two other slip pockets on the other size.

Inside large zipper pocket
Inside large zipper pocket

The material is polyurethane and is quite soft but still holds it’s shape. The lining is good quality material that feels very durable. The bag has good quality light gold hardware.

Two slip pockets
Two slip pockets, you can see the box sides.

The zips, clips and metal details are high quality and unique in design. Two areas that catch your eye are the clips where the detachable straps attach to the bag, and also, the unique way the zip and end fasten securely. The zip closure on the bag is really what caught my attention. It is a large zip that secures with a clip on one end, and the other zip end also has a clip.

Large zip locks into place with this clip. There is one on the other side too to secure the other end.
Large zip locks into place with this clip. There is one on the other side too to secure the other end.

There is also a key fob that hangs on the outside of the bag with the key ring protected inside the fob. This is a really nice touch that adds class to the bag.

The quality of the seams and attachments are very good.

This is my first Charles and Keith bag, so I’ve not much to compare it with, but friend’s of mine have had C and K bags before, and have been pleased with the quality.

I really love using this bag and will enjoy using it in future. I would not use it as an everyday bag due to it’s unique shape, but more for special occasions.

What's in angelxling's bag...?
What’s in angelxling’s bag…?

1. Charles and Keith bag in Taupe

2. Panda pouch I got from Ocean Park few years ago.

3. Double sided mirror – gift from friend

4. Small umbrella

5. Hair clip

6. Sunglasses and case

7. Baby Lips Colour in Coral

8. Phone (a friend’s as mine has died)

9. Sweet Pea Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works

10. Ice Breakers fruity mints (watermelon, citrus, apple flavour)

11. Small packet of tissues

12. Bus pass in limited edition Skittles bus pass holder and lanyard

13. Black quilted wallet

Normally, my keys would be in there too. This is what I would bring when going out. Will do a school bag edition soon!

What’s in my Oroton bag?

This will be a ‘what’s in my bag?‘ and also a review on the Oroton Baby Bag (used as work bag).


Bag: Oroton Baby Bag in Chocolate with Monogram small “O” with a small Oroton bag charm/keychain.

Use: Work



  • Alannah Hill – Let Love In wallet in creme. (see full review of this wallet/purse – HERE)
  • iPad 2 in brown faux leather cover
  • Phone – Samsung Galaxy III
  • Small cosmetic bag – Panda Ocean Park Bag (hand sanitizer, ointment, lip balm, ventolin, Strepsils, paracetamol, sweets, hayfever meds, female products, etc…)
  • Sunglasses – aviators
  • Oroton umbrella
  • Post-its
  • Pencil case – pens and highlighters, etc
  • Small pack of tissues
  • Pen
  • Compact mirror
  • Small Ecotools bag – Fasio oil blotting sheets, MAC Blot Powder in med/dark, small kabuki (separate for easy access)
  • Work keys on lanyard
  • Hairbrush
  • Chewing gum
  • Mini deodorant

Overall, it is a great bag. I have yet to use it for baby-related needs, but it is great for everyday use so far! I can even fit a laptop down in there if need be. I think it is a great size for travelling. The adjustable shoulder crossbody strap is great for handsfree usage. I usually use the two smaller shoulder straps. There are four feet on the bottom so that it keeps the bag off the ground and prevents dirt transfer. The leather feels very luxurious and the hardware is beautiful and well-made. The inside is fully lined with the monogram inverted print.

I love Oroton bags. They are high quality and fashionable, but reasonably priced (especially at 60 – 70% off sales! – which is when I got mine). I see them as the Australian version of Coach. Who’s with me?

Leave any questions in the comments below. Not sure if you can still get this particular design, but you can get the current design on their website or in stores.



Oroton Website: