Green Valley, Raging River

A trip we took earlier this year to a place in China called Fugong. Here are some of the photos.

Side street
Side street
Typical Breakfast. Steamed buns, chinese donut (you tiao) and soy bean in a bowl
Infamous Yak Butter Tea – salty and rancid tasting…

fg2 fg3 fg4 fg6 fg7 fg8 fg9 fg10 fg11 fg12 fg13 fg14 fg16 fg17 fg18 fg19 fg20 fg21 fg22 fg23 fg24 fg25 fg26 fg27 fg28 fg29 fg30 fg31 fg32 fg33 fg34 fg35 fg36Yes, I did do the zip line over the angry Nujiang river. It was just a rusted pulley with a hook that had you suspended with a piece of rope that you literally sat in. This was the ‘harness’ we were promised with. Crazy views as you crossed the river valley. Amazing experience and highly recommended!