When H2O Transforms

So recently, I’ve been finding reading His Word a little dry, even with some guides like reading plans through my Bible app and ODB. So, here is where a trip to my local Christian bookstore changed things around.

I’ve told my husband many a time, I’ve struggled to read Christian literature aside from the Word itself, it can become a bit of a snooze read for me. So I didn’t have any particularly high hopes for picking up a book in the bargain section of the store. But this book caught my eye and I passed on it a couple of times, but went back to it again.

The Grave Robber (How Jesus Can Make Your Impossible Possible) by Mark Batterson. To be honest, I’d never heard of the book or the author. And the title actually reminded me of a fiction novel. Anyhow, I picked it up at a steal and thought, why not? I have time, I want to delve into something deeper to encourage and inspire me, and hopefully grow me in His Word and a deeper knowledge of Him.

The fact that the book addresses the impossible possibles also didn’t hurt. I’ve been through my fair share of impossible situations and circumstances in the last year or so, that I’m willing to give it a go. See what comes of it.

So, I started doing a little reading of the book, and diving into the passages where applicable as my devo. Very different for me, and a little taboo as I’m a true BSF girl at heart. The Word or nothing. LOL. But, again, I had surprisingly encouraging and inspiring devotional times. Of course, I was careful of not allowing the book to become my Bible reading, as it is someone’s interpretation of the lessons from His Word. And I’ve seen many a Christian become excellent quoters of an author or speaker, and have somehow neglected to point to God. But, at the same time, I found each little section I did (not even chapter by chapter), an injection of refreshing into my spiritual life.

So, that being said, I thought, why not share my rambles and thoughts on my blog, where I hope to share all aspects of life to a degree. And, hopefully, it encourages, equips and enables anyone reading this for His glory.

This book goes through 7 of Jesus’ miracles as in the book of John.

TGR: When H2O Transforms (Pt 1)

Instead of focusing in on the miracle at hand, this first reflection was of someone else in this story that I’d say is largely under-rated (at least in this story). Mary. Jesus’ mother. She was present at the wedding where Jesus eventually turns six stone jars of water to wine.

The story is found in John 2:1-11

In verse 3, Jesus’ mother seeks Him out and gets him involved in the situation. She does not tell him what to do, or how to do it. But identifies the problem at hand, and brings it to Jesus. Even after Jesus tells her (v.4) that his ‘time has not yet come’, her faith in Him is evident when she instructs the disciples to do as he asks.

Now, I’ve read this miracle many times, and have never really picked up on Mary’s role in this whole situation. She had amazing trust in her son, and needed few words to express it.

What an encouragement for me, as I’d like to think that I seek Him first in all that I do, but in reality, I don’t. How many times have we been in a pickle, and thought of the human responses appropriate? Mary showed her trust and faith in the Lord, and ultimately allowed the impossible to become possible.

If we all showed faith like Mary, to bring it to Jesus after encountering a problem, I’m sure the world, our world, would be such a different place. 

I hope this encourages you today. That if we seek Him first, He won’t be your last resort.

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